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Members and collaborators of the Altalib Lab have an opportunity to learn about or work in four areas of interest:  

  1. Epilepsy Outcomes research focuses on evaluating and enhancing interventions to improve the health and well being of people of epilepsy. 

  2. Neuropsychiatry research explores how neurological diseases, particularly epilepsy (including epilepsy treatment), impact emotional health. Neuropsychiatric research also focuses on the management of functional neurological disorders, particularly psychogenic non-epileptic seizures. Our goal is to improve mental health care within neurology. 

  3. Neurology Health Informatics work focuses on how to optimize clinical data organization and work- flow to improve neurological care as well as how to best leverage data to answer clinical research questions and promote quality improvement.

  4. Global Mental Health work evaluates the role of culture, religion, and spirituality on the expression and management of neuropsychiatric illness. Our lab focuses on Muslim populations.

Epilepsy Outcomes
Neurology Health Services & Informatics 
Image by David Matos
Global Mental Health
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